Natural wines, Man and Earth
The estate Les Graves de Viaud is located in the heart of the Côtes de Bourg region. The 15 ha estate extends along a hillside with southern exposure.the terrain is relatively homogeneous; the composition is mainly small grit, with deep rocky soil on the top of the hillside.
The estate first began in 1850 and has been mentioned in the Féret since 1875. From 1945 to 1993, the grapes harvested on the estate contributed to the Pugnac's collective winery. In 1994 a new wine caves built so that they could produce their own wine. The wine was mentioned in Les Grands Vins de France magazine from its very first harvest. It went on to earned 11 medals over the following years. 
In 2010, Philippe Betschart and his family took over the property. Betschart comes from a family of a long line of Bordeaux merchants. In taking over the estate, the family is not only getting back to its roots, but is looking ahead to the future; their first goal is to transform the estate into an organic and biodynamic winery.

Biodynamic is: 
holistic stewardship that integrates plants, animals, water, air and soil into a self-regulating ecosystem.
sustainable farming that maximizes conservation by fusing ancient wisdom with modern methods .
clean food made with absolutely no GMO's, artificial fertilizers, or chemical sprays

Nature drives our pratctices


Since 2010, we have been practicing organic and biodynamic farming. 
We use Bordeaux mixture, herbal preparations and yeast and bacterial fermentations to fight against diseases. 
We fertilize our soils with plant seedlings and biodynamic preparations. 
Plowing is totally prohibited, as are animal compost generally produced by industrial farms. 
We are engaged in a vast program of replanting trees.
Pressoir vertical


The harvest is done mechanically or manually depending on the type of wine sought. 
The mechanical harvest allows us to harvest in the cool very early in the morning to have fresh grapes without resorting to heat treatment. 
Our Demeter specifications impose winemaking without input, only sulfur is authorized. Natural fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts. 
We favor deep and soft extractions, either by punching down, or by load shedding. The vatting is long at least 25/35 days.
French Barrles


It is the aging that gives style to the wines. 
Our fruit wines are aged in vats or in amphorae with weekly lees stirring for 1 year. 
The other vintages are matured in barrels, the choice of barrels, their size and age depends on the type of wine desired, and the maturity of the vintage, with respect for the wine.

French Barrles


Two style of wine, two kind of aging. Our fruity wine are age in tank on amphora with no wood for a year. The others Cuvée are aged in barrels (french oak), the size the heat depends on the Cuvée and the vintage, we are not looking for strong oak and toasted flavors. 

Our Wines

Des vins en harmonie avec la Nature
Simplement Nature

Simplement Nature

Fruity, smooth, beautiful freshness, dare immediate pleasure without compromise 

Nature Classique

Perfect balance, delicate aging, for a harmonious wine, rediscover classicism 
Château Les Graves de Viaud, Cuvée O

Nature sublime

A plot selection, subtle blends, delicate aging to enhance your meals
Château Les Graves de Viaud, Cuvée O

Nature Secréte

Exceptional and confidential, 100% manual, 100% grape, without added sulfite

Follement Nature

Perfect balance, delicate aging, for a harmonious wine, rediscover classicism 
All our wines are naturaly made, with no adds, only a small quantity of Sulfite (SO2)  (de 0 et 40 mg/l). Certified Organic (Organic Wine) and Biodynamic by Demeter.
Cerrified Organic biodynamic and vegan

4 seasons

Throughout the seasons, men and the vine work in harmony
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351 impasse de Viaud
F-33710 Pugnac

Interdiction de vente de boissons alcooliques aux mineurs de moins de 18 ans. L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé.